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For entrepreneurs and people looking for quality fabrics, Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd. is a one-stop center for all people worldwide. These products are popular and superior on the market lately. This is because the company uses modern technology and new materials to manufacture these products. They also regularly update these products, so they always stand out from the crowd. These products are best known for their military, automotive, agricultural, and canopy use. In the company’s online store, clients can find different fabrics, ranging from different colors, shapes, designs, and sizes. So they have a wide range of selection to pick from. The company spokesperson said these fabrics are quite durable and can hold up to many sorts of weather conditions such as strong winds, high-moisture, and sunlight.

inflatable yacht docks

The company has released clear vinyl for customers interested in fabrics. Due to its durability, resistance, and ease of cleaning and maintenance, it has become a popular product a few days after its launch. This has led the company to produce different grades of this product, including various textures, sizes, and thicknesses. – allowing these products to be used almost anywhere: in the house, boat, boat, or automotive! As well, hospitals, veterinary offices, physicians’ offices are other popular locations people will find this fabric. The material can be easily wiped down and disinfected; the frequency of cleaning will not harm the material as long as it is adequately cleaned.

Just in time for the summer season, the company introduced inflatable yacht docks. This product is designed from durable rubber materials, and when inflated, they become life-size structures. They are great swimming accessories that clients can use for that beautiful and fun swimming experience. They are accessible in numerous shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. These inflatable products are now an addition to the other fun swimming tools. They come in a variety of units that both men and women will enjoy, such as large floating gyms, playing centers, and even small toys. Customers will surely enjoy having these products for themselves or the whole family.

The new inflatable boat floor boards from Duletai New Material Co., Ltd are easy to maintain, remarkably fuel-efficient, and provide lightweight design, an ideal ‘anywhere’ boat that can be used as the primary craft or like a ship ashore. These inflatables are suitable for the family that travels a lot. They offer the opportunity to visit a quiet beach, lake, or river without tracking a full-size boat. They are often equipped with incredible standard features that increase stability and security. They offer a much quieter, smoother, and more comfortable ride for all drivers on board.r

air tracks

Summary: These inflatable products can be used as an inflatable gym mat, inflatable insulation mat, inflatable rescue walkway and other applications.

China, November 23, 2019 – An inflatable surface can serve different kinds of purposes. Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd specializes in inflatable products that can be used for a variety of practical applications. The dropstitch materials manufactured by the company can be inflated or deflated as per the need of an application. When inflated it takes shape of a soft, comfortable and flexible base to support different kinds of activities, such as yoga, gymnastics, water sports and others.

Air Tracks

The company has different types of inflatable products in its portfolio. For example, they have the inflatable gym matthat can act like a spring floor at a high pressure. While at low pressure, it is like a comfortable surface. The mat is available in the thickness range of 5cm to 20cm. This gym mat could be a good option for universities, colleges, schools, gyms, and athletic facilities. The mat can be used as a safe transition or landing surface around air track mats in a gymnasium. Besides for simple recreational purposes, this gym mat is also suitable for professional gymnasts. The spokesperson of the company reveals that several gymnastic federations around the world use their inflatable gym mats at their facilities. With heavy duty PVC drop stitch, these mats are available in custom colors and sizes.

One can also find the inflatable insulation matin their selection that is suitable for both hot and cold service applications. With its flexible hot and cold resistant sheets, the mat offers high-performance insulation. According to the spokesperson of the company, their unique patented process allows the integration of insulation material into the fiber-batting reinforcement of the mat. This is the reason why this mat surface is flexible, resilient and offers an incredible thermal performance as compared to other insulating materials available in the market. This type of mat is used for heat preservation or cold insulation, and is suitable for a wide range of applications. The mat has a smooth surface, and lightweight, waterproof and weather-resistant. The practical use of this heat insulation mat is in the spa, military, industry to reduce the noise of the compressor, and in camping sleeping pads.

Another innovative product in their inventory is the inflatable rescue walkway. This walkway is available in the shape of a catamaran and is more suitable for the rescue teams on the roads, platforms, and other places. The company uses heavy-duty double-wall dropt stitch of 20cm height in the construction of this inflatable product. The pressurized drop stitch fabric shows an excellent rigidity and stability. The surface is very strong and does not bend too.  The upper surface is covered with the anti-slipping EVA foam for offering a smooth and comfortable experience. The inflatable product can also be used in water, ice and other types of terrains.

Inflatable Jet Ski Docks

Summary: The Company brings the double layer drop stitch material that can be used for making high quality ski docks, boat floor boards and professional grade paddle boards.

Inflatable Floating Platforms and SUP

China, November 23, 2019 – With its commitment of offering high quality products, Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd always focuses on the material quality. They bring a double layer drop-stitch material that is far superior to the low-cost single layer drop stitch material available in the market. The company offers professional grade drop stitch materials that are often used by luxurious brands. The double layer material helps in improving the performance of the application it is used.

According to the company spokesperson, they have both hand laminated and machine-made double layer drop stitch materials in their stock. However, the machine made material is 15% lighter than the handmade version. With a cosmetic finish, the surface is wrinkle-free and looks cleaner and smoother for a better feel of touch. With a pressure between 16-22psi, it maintains a rigid and stiff shape for using it for different applications. The surface has multiple layers of coating and is tough, durable and stable. The spokesperson states that they insist on a pre-lamination process, which reduces the need of gluing. Thus, the product is more environment-friendly with the least use of chemicals. This double layer material is tougher against scratches and sharp objects, and is safer for use on different terrains.

The company’s dropt stitch material can be used in a variety of practical applications, including inflatable Jet Ski docks. These docks could be a safe place for parking boats near the yacht. These docks can be used for protecting the yacht. Made of the drop stitch materials, these docks are both simple and convertible to be used in multiple situations. There are water ballast bags in its corners to help ensure an extra stability. The company’s docks are covered with a smooth, anti-slip and strong material. There are also several types of custom accessories that are included in the docks, which include D-rings, lifting handles, crane straps and others. Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd boasts of supplying custom-built inflatable docks that can be used for relaxing, playing or recreational purposes as well.

 One can also check the company’s collection of inflatable boat floor boards. These boat floor boards are made of specially designed drop stitch fabric or the double wall fabric. The fabric allows high pressure inflation for the surface to achieve rigidity very quickly. These floor boards are hard enough to be used as a flooring option in inflatable boats. In comparison to standard hard floors, these floor boards are a lot easier to assemble or disassemble. It is easy to disassemble and saves space in the storage. The durable fabric of the board allows for extra buoyancy, while maintaining the required stability. The floor boards are highly portable and it is comfortable for one for sitting or kneeling. 3.�fp�y

The newly developed materials of double wall fabrics and inflatable dropstitch can be used for a variety of applications, which Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd now offers to its worldwide clients.

Double wall fabric

China, November 21, 2019 – With their specialty of developing innovative concepts, Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd now introduces a couple of new types of fabrics that have important applications in the industry.  These are double wall fabric and drop-stitch materials that can be used in different applications. While the double wall fabric can be used in boat bottoms, SUPs, mattresses and swimming pools etc., the drop-stitch material is suitable for floating platforms. These materials are strong, durable and are suitable for long-lasting performance.

The company spokesperson talks about the salient features of their double wall fabrics. According to him, the fabric surfaces are strongly connected with each other with the help of the vertical pile fibers that are interwoven with the skin. These are fine, evenly spread polyester threads that are woven into the base material. Thus, the threads can reach to an optimal dimension without over-inflating when these are pumped with air. The polyester fabric is strong and durable, ensuring a good inflation of the surface. Due to its excellent stretchable ability, the fabric can be used in applications, like mattresses, boat bottoms, swimming pools, SUPs and others. The material is self-cleaning and can be suitable for all weather conditions.

The company’s inflatable dropstitch products can be used for inflatable platforms to be placed in a lake, pool or any other water body for fun during the summer. The inflatable platform can be used for performing yoga, sunbathing or recreational purposes while it keeps floating on the water surface. Made of 15cm drop-stitch material, it is very durable. The color and size of the material can be customized according to a client’s requirement. It comes with multiple D-rings for tying it with the boat, and there are handles along the borders for helping people for on boarding. There are also connection systems in the inflatable platforms to join them together and achieve a large size floating surface. The company is available for OEM and ODM production to design inflatable products to meet a client’s unique requirement.

Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd also excels in developing a variety of PVC tarpaulin to be used in duct applications. These are PVC coated polyester fabrics that can be used as coverings for firewater mains, gas pipelines and other applications. The tarp is highly durable and is completely waterproof and anti-static. The laminated PVC tarp can also used as a material for tents, truck covers, medical mattresses and so on.  With its superior UV resistance capacity, the fabric can provide a sufficient protection from the sun and its UV rays. The material is self-cleaning and one can clean it just by wiping its surface.