for manufacturing durable, future-proof products.


Durainflate is a custom flexible plastic fabricator specializing in PVC dropstitch and tarpaulin welding fabrication. Durainflate was established in 2015. With years of experience in the field, the founders focused on manufacturing inflatable projects. With excellent service and good quality custom vinyl fabrication. In the beginning of 2018, the company had expanded the product line and the markets served drastically. Occupying 18,000 square feet of clean and modern industrial space where it manufactures a large variety of custom inflatable products. From custom vinyl tarps to air inflatable vinyl bladders to dropstitch paddle boards, we can manufacture precisely what you need.


DuraInflate can make all types of private label products from customer's drawing with AUTOCAD, SKETCHUP softwares. With CNC material cutting machine,  the final product shape and dimension is strictly same as original design. Sometimes, customer provide original sample to replicate, we have professional designer to do analysis and finish the technical drawing for material cutting and assembling. And our material expert will ensure the material we use have the same specification as original sample. Our material+fabrication team can also work together help customer reduce the material cost while still not affect product life span and performance.


We receive inflatable product develop request almost everymonth, so in the past years we have gained precious experience for product designing and material technology. Usually customer only give us a "0-1" free hand sketch, then we will do the rest "1-10" job to make it come true and finish all the details. This kind of job is a big challenge as we have to finish the 90% design job and develop all the related customized stuffs like plastic parts, accessories, packing, sewing part..etc. Also we have to offer solutions for all the technical problems like material performance, product physical characteristics and functions. So ODM usually take years to finish a project and big risk for both customer and us. We always evaluate the success rate and final product cost of each project before we accept the request.

How we work with customer


First contact

Information exchange about product idea, applications. Providing material information and datasheet.

Sign NDA

Sign NDA paper, obtain product drawing, discussing detail, confirm material, colour, printing.


Engineering, fabrication, testing and make adjustments. Confirm mass prouction cost, delivery time, packing detail, shipping method.

Mass production

Pre-production sample confirmation, inprocess quality control, 72 hours airtightness test, dimension checking, product cleaning, prepare accessories and packing materials, print user manual, colour box.


Forwarder coordinate, booking shipping space, load container, prepare custom clearance documents.

Our factory is located in Haining, 60km from Hangzhou,120km from Shanghai, perfect location.

CNC cutting technology and equipment for dropstitch, EVA and pvc fabric. CAD software operated.

Silk screen printing department, all the printing job is done in the house. High speed, low cost.


Advanced calendery/lamination machines from Germany and Korea.



Most workers has more than 3 years experience in making inflatable products.



Our own sewing department can make customized carry bags and accessories fro customer.


1800 square meter durainflate workshop. Equiped with air conditioner, constant temperature and humidity.



Paddle board accessories like fin, paddles, repair kit, cords, pumps and carrybags.



High air pressure test, 48hours air leak test for finished inflatable products.


We're offering a full range of services for almost any industry fabric related company.

Pre-sale Services

Our sales manager will answer all your questions before you place order.

  • Instant price quote
  • Product consultation
  • Market protection
  • Shipping cost caculation

Technical Services

Experienced engineers of our factory will work togther to serve customers.

  • Product specification
  • Product formulation
  • Production engineering
  • Certificates & Test report

Value-added Services

One-stop solution for international buyers. Save cost and time for clients.

  • Outsourcing
  • Accessories repurchasing
  • Sample book design & producing
  • Exclusive distribution agressment

Customer Centric Service

Our sales manager has 10+year experience in this field. We have comprehensive knowledge and resources both in production and international business. All your requirements and problems will be handled professionally.

Joint R&D

Our research and development section is open to our clients. We are willing to share new technology and work with our cleints together to upgrade their products and developing new ones together.

Suprior Quality Control

We focus on durable products and long term business relationship with clients. Stable quality is the first consideration. We have fabric testing lab and quality traceability system to eusure everthing is undercontrol.


  • Manufacturing
  • Service
  • QC
  • R&D
  • OEM
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