Double-wall fabrics: back to basics

The construction of double wall fabrics is a new concept. The surfaces of the fabric are connected to each other through vertical pile fibers. Basically, it is tons of fine polyester threads woven into the bottom of the base material to make sure when the threads hit their maximum length, there will be no over-inflation. In this article, we are going to get a deeper insight into double-wall fabrics. Read on to know more.

There are a lot of reasons to use polyester. For instance, it’s durable, strong and features a small degree of stretch. So, the double-wall fabrics may offer great resistance, integrity, and durability. Apart from this, the interstitial construction space may be filled up using foam for providing synergistic support for the vertical piles.

On the other hand, the double-wall fabric is an ideal choice for swimming pools, mattresses, boat bottom, and inflatable SUPs. The reason is that they feature weather resistance performance, anti-aging performance, self-cleaning, great stability, high quality, and high strength.

inflatable yacht docks

Types of Raw material base fabric:

Primarily, there are two kinds of base fabrics as far as drop-stitch material is concerned. They are called woven knitting and warp knitting. Below is the description of both the types for your understanding.

Woven vs Warp-knitting

Warp-knitting type is the most widely used type that covers a wide spectrum of inflatable products. And this type features one thread on one end and then two threads on the second end. Also, the warp-knitting machine is a small setup, costs low and offers high production speed. As a result, manufacturers can enjoy lower costs as far as the raw material is concerned. On the other hand, there are some downsides to this type. One disadvantage is that the weight of the material is quite high.

On the other hand, the woven base fabric is an ideal choice for inflatable products. The reason is that inflatable products can’t stand the test of time if they are not stiff enough. In fact, they should offer superior stiffness for the best performance.  

The difference between this type and the other type is that it features just one thread that connects two layers of the base fabric. However, the cost of the base fabric woven setup is a lot higher than the warp-knitting setup. Generally, the cost is 4 to 5 times higher. Besides, the production speed is also slower. So, this is a downside. However, the major advantage of this setup is that the weight of the woven base fabric is 30 to 40 times less than that of warp-knitting.

The double-wall fabric uses:

There are many uses of double-wall fabric. However, we have listed some of the most common uses below.

• Inflatable dock systems

• Inflatable docks

• Air track

• Water mat

Aside from these, there are many other applications of this fabric type. But these are the most common uses.

So, this is a short description of double-wall fabrics. If you want to find out more, you can consult a professional. This will help you know more about it.

Resource box:

Durainflate is one of the best platforms where you can find a lot of information and great content about inflatable fabric and double wall fabrics.

You can choose from a lot of inflatable floating dock. While choosing one, you may want to consider some important features. First of all, make sure you know the right size and type that will meet your needs. Give below are the important considerations to make. Read on.

Inflatable jet ski docks


Basically, floating docks are of two types: inflatable and non-inflatable. Typically, heavy plastic is used to make non-inflatable docks. They do float in water but can’t be collapsed down. Moreover, they are too heavy to mange for some people.

On the other hand, the inflatable type is made of collapsible plastic. Once inflated, you can put them in water and they will float. That’s the reason they are easy to transport.


The size of inflatable floating dock varies. Therefore, some are 5 feet while others are several feet long. In fact, based on your needs, you can choose from different sizes. It all boils down to the number of people who are going to use it.


With inflatable docks, you can have lots of fun in water. Moreover, they are unique, comfy and safe. You can find a lot of docks that can carry the right amount of weight and have plenty of space. In big units, you can put a lot of stuff, such as cup holders, soft coolers, Yeti coolers, and beach chairs.


As said earlier, you can choose from different designs. And some units feature complicated designs while others are just barren. Therefore, you may want to opt for features that you think are more important.

Some common features that you want to consider are coolers, cup holders and seats. Some units are quite complicated and will share the features of inflatable lounges or chairs. This type of inflatable docks are big and can’t be easy to transport.

Some units are just barren and may not have a lot of cup holders. If you want to put custom-designed beach coolers, you can go for these designs. The reason is that they are stable enough to carry a hard-sided cooler that you can use a chair as well.


High-end floating docks are made of quality materials. They are durable and stand the test of time. Usually, these are made of PVC plastic. Therefore, you may want to make sure that the unit is safe to use in salt water and fresh water.

Weight Capacity

Make sure you consider the weight capacity of the unit before buying one. For this, you can check the user or manufacturer guide. From the safety perspective, it’s quite important that you consider this factor. You may not want to exceed the weight capacity of the unit. Ignoring these guidelines will put your life at risk. Besides, putting too much weight on the unit will have a bad impact on its life.

In short, you may want to consider these factors and tips before buying an inflatable yacht dock. Hopefully, these tips will help you get the best unit to meet your needs.

Inflatable Yacht Docks For On-Water Floating Platforms

With their specialty in supplying a wide variety of industrial fabrics and materials, New Material Company now brings inflatable floating platform to be used as a temporary dock, beach landing and other applications. The company’s drop-stitch material is designed for quick inflation or deflation. The inflatable platform can be used for providing a rigid and floating base on the water surface. The company’s inflatable platform is known by the name of iDock Pro and which is suitable for different types of water borne recreational activities. The inflatable material provides a perfect rigid base while it continues floating on the water surface.

Inflatable Yacht Docks For On-Water Floating Platforms

The spokesperson of the company reveals that their inflatable yacht docks are soft, stable, lightweight and rigid underfoot floating surfaces. The drop stitch material can inflate within a few minutes. When it is deflated, it can be stored in a compact space and is also easy to transport from one place to another. The platform can be used as a standalone yacht dock or can also be joined together to make a huge platform for a whole family to enjoy sunbathing together, while floating on a water surface at the same time. The iDock Pro comes with huge stainless steel D-rings that can be used for connecting the docks in different combinations to achieve different shapes and sizes. The surface of the dock is covered with the soft EVA foam, which offers a soft and smooth touch to one’s feet and also has an anti-slipping property. The EVA foam is double-stitched at the edges of the dock to ensure a long-lasting performance.

The company is a leading drop stitch fabric manufacturer and designs inflatable platforms with outstanding features. There are four built-in water bags at the bottom of the inflatable iDock Pro, which can be used as an anchor when filled with water. The professional PVC drop stitch material company employs the latest technologies and materials in designing their iDock Pro. This is the reason why their inflatable platform is 30%-35% lighter, but rigid and durable compared to other products available in the market. The design of iDock Pro increases stability while reducing the chances of drifting.

Besides the drop stitch material, the company is also a leading producer of ventilation duct material that can be used for all types of duct applications. Made of the PVC fabric with a matt finish, the material has a high tenacity polyester fabric on its base. The material is waterproof, fire-retardant and very strong. Besides duct applications, the material can also be used for water mains, gas pipelines, and covering materials of pipes. The strong and durable material is available in yellow color and can be wiped easily for cleaning. The material is suitable for all weather conditions.

Drop Stitch Fabric For Making Inflatable Docks

With their efficiency in engineering, design and innovation, New Material Company boasts of supplying high quality industrial coated fabrics for different applications. The company has also introduced drop stitch floating platforms and paddle boards for people to enjoy different types of water sports and recreational activities for fun. These materials are lightweight, stable, soft and smooth and also very durable.

The company’s inflatable floating platforms are known by the brand name of iDock Pro. The floating platform provides a rigid and stable base for people to enjoy an idle sunbathe on the water surface. The drop stitch material is designed to inflate in minutes and the floating platform will be ready for enjoying a recreational fun activity in a water body. It can also be deflated fast to store it in a compact shape. When in a deflated condition, it is also a lot easier to transport it from one place to another. The floating platform can be used for creating a yacht dock or two or more platforms can be attached together for creating shapes for limitless possibilities. The company’s iDock Pro doesn’t come with different types of built in connection systems, but the stainless steel D-rings it has can be used for joining the floating platforms together.

Inflatable Floating Platforms and SUP
Inflatable Floating Platforms and SUP

The floating platform is very stable and comes with the surface coating of EVA foams. The layer of the EVA foam makes the surface soft and smooth for the feet. At the same time, the foam is double stitched, so that it cannot be ripped off easily. Besides the company’s inflatable yacht docks, their SUP stand up paddle boards are also very popular for water sports. The paddle board is very durable for enjoying water creation activities. One can easily balance the board on the water current while surfing and can have a complete workout with full entertainment and adventure. The company offers paddle boards with heavy duty double air chambers, which protects the boards from wear and tear and abrasions. The company is capable of making all types of ready-made paddleboards professionally.

New Material Company also specializes in the manufacturing of PVC coated tarpaulin that is suitable for vent pipes and duct applications. The high-strength and durable PVC coated fabric can be suitable for various types of applications, such as gas pipelines and fire water mains. The tarpaulin is waterproof, fire-retardant and anti-static. Available in yellow or black color, the fabric is either available with a matt or a glossy finish. The company uses high tenacity polyester fabric with the plasticized PVC coating. The fabric is easy to clean and just needs to be wiped out for cleaning. It is also shrink-resistant and can last for several years. The fabric can be sewn or welded as per the requirement of an application.