The drop stitch fabric comes with air valves for filling up the air. With high pressure air filling, the fabric inflates to take shape of a solid, rigid and lightweight surface that can easily float on the water surface. This floating nature of the material can be useful in different types of applications, such as waterborne recreation centers, water sports, sunbathing, making temporary docks and others. Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of drop stitch material, and the company talks about the different applications in which this fabric can be used.

According to the company spokesperson, the drop stitch material can be very useful in making paddleboards. The company supplies the paddle board that can inflate in minutes to attain a rock hard surface property. It can also be deflated easily. When deflated, it can be folded for an easy storage. It comes with replaceable as well as interchangeable fins, and the fin box is at the center of the paddleboard. Its double side wall construction increases the durability and streamlines its shape. The heavy duty PVC drop stitch makes it perfect to withstand the abrasion. It comes with top grade air valves that ensure inflation or deflation with a greater reliability. There is also a sturdy webbing handling, allowing a person to carry the paddleboard easily. Its stainless steel D-rings allow connecting a variety of accessories as per the requirement.

Another important application of the drop stitch fabric could be in the form of the inflatable floating platform. Such a floating platform can be used for water sports, recreational purposes and also for making stylish, but temporary docks. With large air valves, it can be inflated very fast and can be used for making a platform that can float on a water surface with stability. Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd has inflatable platforms in different dimensions that can accommodate two persons and more. The spokesperson reveals that one can also deflate this floating platform when needs to store it. It also comes with a storage strap that allows it to pack in a compact size. The platform is durable and lightweight, and one can connect it with a boat through its D-rings for a better stability. The soft handles on its sides helps people to maintain their balance while they are on this floating surface.

The spokesperson talks about the inflatable yacht docks, which can also be formed from the drop stitch fabric. These docks are soft and smooth with the EVA foam layer. However, the high pressure air filling makes the inflatable docks rock hard to achieve a desired shape. The dock comes with a connection system that can be used for connecting it to a yacht in a desired manner. For anchorage, it has four water filled bags in its bottom. These bags also protect the dock from drifting away and increase its stability.

Maintaining a customer centric focus, Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd has a manufacturing facility, a R&D center as well as a marketing unit. The company helps customers in saving time and cost when it comes to selecting the best quality industrial fabric. They also accept OEM and ODM orders from clients, and can customize the specification and design of the fabrics as per the requirement of a client.

The company supplies a wide variety of industrial fabrics and also drop stitch materials to be used for making paddleboards. They have both single layer drop stitch and double layer drop stitch for making a paddle board. They have stand-up paddleboards in different dimensions with fin boxes at the center and its two sides. According to the spokesperson of the company, the paddleboard is versatile and durable. One can easily maneuver it to move in different directions on the water surface at a desired speed. It moves fast in the still water and one can also use it for surfing on the water waves. The product comes with the complete accessories, which include a carry bag, a pump, paddles, bungee cord and seats. The paddleboard can be customized with different material colors, UV printing, screen printing and including a rubber logo.

Another great application of the drop stitch material can be in the form of an inflatable floating platform. With heavy duty drop stitch materials, the platform is extra durable and maintains a great durability. The spokesperson states that the drop stitch fabric comes with large air valves, and it can be quickly inflated by filling up the air. The high pressure pump and dual air valves also help in quick inflation. When not inflated, it can be packed into a manageable size for an easy storage. It also comes fitted with compact storage straps. The floating platform is suitable for playing, relaxing, or have some fun time. It comes with anchor D-rings for connecting it with a boat or a yacht to avoid it from drifting away. There are soft handles on all sides for people to maintain their balance and remain stable on the floating platform.

Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd also supplies PVC fabrics that can be used for making tents, boats, bouncing castles, swimming pools, truck cover, medical mattress and other applications. This is a three-ply fabric with two layers of PVC and there is a laminated scrim in the middle. The scrim may consist of cotton, nylon, polyester, fiberglass or a combination of different materials. The PVC fabric may come with different types of finishes and which could be according to the requirements of an application. The fabric comes with an outstanding tensile strength, good tear strength and has an excellent flexibility. This durable PVC material is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The drop stitch material allows building inflatable flat surfaces that can easily float on the water surface. The fabric comes with drop stitches which can be filled with air for making it inflated. When air is supplied at a high pressure, the material can inflate to attain different shapes. The material uses tough polyester threads and because of which the inflated surface attains a rock-hard rigidity. The material can be inflated as well as deflated very fast, and can be ready for an application very quickly. When in the deflated condition, its storage and transportation is almost effortless.

The company spokesperson enumerates the benefits of their drop stitch fabric that comes with a superior air holding capacity. They supply the toughest drop-stitch fabric in the industry that has wide applications in the water sports and recreational facilities. According to the spokesperson, their drop stitch material comes with a specialized sidewall material that is more durable and resilient because of liquid PVC fiber coating. The fabric features a pre-laminated double-layered light construction. This is the reason why the fabric is extremely lightweight and is suitable for applications like paddleboards, air mattresses and others.

The drop stitch material is extensively used in making inflatable yacht docks. These docks are often used as an extension of a yacht for relaxing, sunbathing or have a fun time on the water surface. The drop stitch material makes the yacht dock very durable and stable. According to the spokesperson, they cover the yacht dock with the EVA foam, which makes its surface soft, smooth as well as anti-slipping. The dock is also very lightweight and there are D-rings of stainless steel to keep it connected with the yacht. With a thickness of 20cm, the inflatable dock is very comfortable for people to relax over it. There are water bags in the bottom of the dock, which can restrict it from drifting and can also be used as an anchor. The docks also come with a connection system which comprises of webbing loops, a slid-in pole and a detachable pole cap.

The inflatable floating platforms are another important application of the drop stitch material. The company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of the drop stitch material that can be used for making rigid, durable as well as stable inflatable platforms that can float on the water surface. These floating platforms are particularly useful for water sports, recreational centers and for creating temporary docks. The platforms are available in different dimensions and which can accommodate different numbers of persons. Duletai New Material Company is also open for the OEM and ODM production of the floating platforms and can produce inflatable surfaces with the clients’ designs and logos.

Summary: Besides the drop-stitch material for inflatable floating platforms, Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd supplies a wide variety of industrial fabrics, such as Tent Fabric and ventilation duct material.

Haining, Zhejiang, China, August 16, 2019 – With a wide range of industrial fabric and materials in its portfolio, Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd allows building many types of useful applications. For example, the drop-stitch material the company supplies can be used for making inflatable platforms. The platform provides a solid, rigid and stable base that can float on the water surface. This platform can be suitable for different types of water sports and recreational activities. Besides, the company also offers fabrics for duct applications. They also have fabric for erecting tents as a temporary shelter during many events.

The spokesperson of the company states that the drop-stitch material is a perfect choice for making inflatable yacht docks. This kind of temporary and stylish dock can allow people to enjoy sunbath or relax on the water surface. The inflatable dock is lightweight and durable. It can be inflated very quickly for creating an extra dock space for everyone to have a fun time in the water. When deflated, it is easy to store and transport from one place to another. It can be used as a standalone floating platform or can be attached with a yacht to float calmly on a water body. The surface of the yacht is covered with the EVA foam, for maintaining the surface smoothness and to avoid slipping. There are 4 water bags in the bottom of the dock that play the role of an anchor.

Besides the drop-stitch material, one can also check their ventilation duct material that is ideal for all types of duct applications. The ventilation duct fabric is available in black and yellow color, and with a matt finish. This PVC duct fabric is waterproof, fire retardant and anti-static. The material is also very durable and strong, and can also be used in gas pipelines, fire water mains and other applications. According to the spokesperson, this ventilation duct material comprises of high tenacity polyester fabric as a base material and the PVC plasticized coating is applied on both sides of the polyester base. The material can easily be cleaned by just wiping it out.

The company also supplies the Tent Fabric that is UV resistant, self-cleaning and comes with a great dimensional stability. The fabric is fire retardant and has a very long life. The fabric is available in a variety of colors and styles, such as camouflage military style and stripped PVC tarpaulin. Haining Duletai New Material Co., Ltd can supply tent fabrics in various dimensions and the fabric can provide a perfect shelter from rain, sun, and other environmental elements. The fabric contains polyester and a mix of PVC and polyester materials. The fabric is lightweight, durable and comes with an excellent plasticity.